Q: Do i must buy bitcoins by inpay?
A: No. Inpay is our API that check who send to us, how many etc. You can buy bitcoin where you want and send it with every bitwallet.
You just need to send bitoins to that adress you get creating transaction.

Q: Im never used bitcoins. Where i can buy it?
A: For now we cant recommend you bitcoin market, because we dont use every bitmarket in every country.
Best way is to write in your language in google about bitcoin tutorial. What wallet pick, where buy bitcoin in your country etc.

Q: I bought premium, coins and i dont see it in my profile!
A: Usually you will get coins and premium days immediately, but if server get some problem with load that can take max 30 min.
If you still dont see it after 30 min pm admin.

Q: I bought some video, imageset that isnt shared in internet. If i send it to you, i recive something?
A: You can write to admin about that and talk about some bonus premium days for that.

Q: Stuff in premium zone will be forever for premium users only?
A: No. After two weeks or more will be moved to mainpage so everyone would can download it.
We need somehow to encourage people for buying premium, BUT….there are some exceptions.
Because some people report stuff, its sometimes deleted. Thats why some posts will be in premium zone forever.
In some way its a compromise, because author dont want his files be showed to the bigger audience.
And other people cant report it, because they dont see links, and its little change author will buy specially premium for that.

Q: In future site will add more payment methods like paypal?
A: No. PAYPAL DONT ACCEPT EROTIC SITES.So please, stop asking about other payment method.
You can use paypal, and other systems to buy bitoin.


– Premium users will get faster new content.
As everyone know i adding now (16-08-2016) 5 posts – 3 imagesets, 2 videos daily. First this posts will be added in premium zone, next day to mainpage.
– As i said, every stuff bought by users in premium zone will be moved to mainpage by with some delay. You will find information in post about move date to mainpage.
Post without information are a daily posts (you will see it in mainpage tomorrow).
– Premium give “no ads” from our side. Thats mean we can do nothing with ads from openload side.