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score to reach – 290 votes.
So if we reach 290 votes i will edit that pic with most votes. Faster you get the score then faster i will edit pic.


#13 VOTE

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  1. D: i want the rem

  2. You know its not fair to the other girls. Rem will always win in a contest with other girls. I love Rem but I also think other girls miss the chance. eg. I also think 4’s great. So in future votes with Rem, if you can, make us choose between pics of different poses of Rem. Just a suggestion to give the other girls a chance.

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      Its fair. Most of users pick that pic that like the most. If you want to change this situation encourage users to vote for another pic, or advertise site, and find new users that will vote like you.

      • You’re right about the pic being picked that users like the most. I also picked Rem every time :p. Its just that I like your work and some of the other pics are good as well.

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