Many of you ask about some upgrades. Lot of you want add posts to favourites list, thats mean we need account system.
Lot of you want more advanced search like booru system (searching by specific tags with many combinations).
Others want more edited stuff, they dont want to wait 2 weeks when we reach vote pool.

So if you want upgrades you have 2 ways.
1. Share our site. If we get much bigger audience we can add ads.
2. Donate site.

Because option nr 1 its hard job, because our site tematic is like fetish in fetish, we cant get huge audience.
In the end we will need to be supported directly by you, users. So thats why if you care about site, if you want that modifications, more stuff you can send us bitcoins.
Why not bank transfer, paypal etc? Because our site unites diffrent people from different countries. Also i dont want to talk about big fees, taxes etc.

We will spend first money for account system, favourites posts system. There is not limit. You can send every amount of bitcoin. If we reach more money than we need, we will do another upgrade.

How to buy bitoins?
I cant recommend you site, market in your country, because im dont know it, but i can recommend you site, that can help you to find your local bitcoin seller.

BE CAREFUL! Im not responsible for bitcoin sellers you will choose. Good way is to check his reputation.

How to send bitoins?
1. When you use some bitcoin program, site you need to send it to my bitcoin adress.
If you want to pick some program choice something like multibit HD, bitcoin core (there is a lot of programs like that)


2. If you dont want to use any program, you dont want to waste time to learn how to use bitcoin wallets etc you will need to put my bitcoin address while buying bitcoins.

Next write to me on email ([email protected]), write your name or nick, amount what you send it to me.

Thats all. If someone have question ask in comments.

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    Post about donate was added in 16 june. To this time we reach 0. Nice! So dont count for any updates like accounts, adding post to favourites etc.

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